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Deep well pump SKM 1,1kW 50l/min

The pumps are monoblock submersible pumps where the pump hydraulics are integrated directly with the motor. Depending on the hydraulic parameters, they are available as single-stage or multi-stage with peripheral rotors. Their characteristic feature is that they achieve a relatively high head (pressure). The motor's winding is cooled from the inside with ecological oil.   Technical data:...

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Deep well pump 4SPO 2,2kW 167l/min

Submersible pumps are aggregates made entirely of stainless steel, installed in wells with a minimum diameter of 110mm. They are designed for pumping clean, cold water that does not contain solid grinding or long-fiber elements. Technical data: Maximum water temperature 35 ° C Protection degree IP 68 Winding insulation class B Number of starts up to [x / hour] 20 Minimum cooling flow of the...

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