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Pillar type fire hydrant Vintage design double closing

The fire hydrants are made in the form of column with internal structure to enable drawing water from pipeline and a header with saddle tees for attachment of fire hoses. In the lower part of the hydrant there is a castiron valve chamber with a poppet acting as closing element and a drainage device. The chamber housing is connected to the ball's (ball return valve) valve chamber finished with a...

Pillar type fire hydrant with stainless steel standpipe

Product description (standard execution): • Complete drainage after cut - off the flow • Kv factor > 80m³/h - ( for 1x75); Kv factor > 140m³/h - ( for 2x75); Kv factor > 160m³/h - ( for 1x110);  • Dehydration time < 15 min. • Water-traces < 100 ml (for DN80); < 150 ml (for DN100)  • Rotation head 0˚ to 360˚ • Stainless steel stem with rolled thread • O-ring stem sealing,...