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Universal vertical thermostatic mixing valve

Applications examples: For plants with solar panels, stoves and heat pumps. For distribution plants of hot water for sanitary use, showers, washbasin, etc. For small plants of floor heating. 1. Mixing device with temperature setting and stop water supply according EN 1111 standard. 2. Maintains the mixed water temperature constant in all the plumbing systems. 3. Extractable cartridge and...

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Vertical thermostatic mixing valve with thermometer

1. Anti-scalding device with stop water supply according EN 1111 standard. 2. Extractable cartridge and thermostatic special unit with lime protection and high-speed response. 3. Connectors with stainless steel filters. 4. Non return valve incorporated. 5. With immersion thermometer. 6. Possibility to block the handle position after temperature adjustment. 7. Maximum water inlet temperature...

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Thermostatic kit with divert valve and mixer

1. Pre-assembled thermostatic kit. 2. Facilitates the connection from the solar panel to the boiler and simplifies the installation. 3. Thermostatic mixer valve with lime protection. 4. Diverter thermostatic valve with preset temperature at 40ºC. 5. Connectors included. 6. Non return valve with stainless steel filter. 7. Maximum water inlet temperature 110ºC.

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Divert thermostatic valve

1. Divert hot water coming from the panel towards the boiler and the consumption. The ratio will be in function of inlet temperature. 2. Setting temperature 40ºC. 3. Thermostatic unit with lime protection and highspeed response. 4. Maximum water inlet temperature 110ºC. 5. Maximum working pressure 10 bar. 6. Flow rate 45 l/min. at pressure 3 bar. 

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Thermostatic mixing valves with special non-return...

Preset at the factory for distributing sanitary hot water at about 45°C, and are provided of special valves ECO to be inspected with 3 functions: – shut-off tap – non-return valve – stainless steel filter If necessary modify the temperature it’s enough loosen the Hex calibration screw, rotate the handle and reading the immersion thermometer find out with precision the desired temperature. The...