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All the articles have been designed for an unlimited duration in the time, following the international regulations in force with particular attention to functionality and at the choice of materials. 

To guarantee workers the best security conditions inside the work area the rules provide for the installation of equipment permanently connected to the water supply network that allow a quick washing of the body and the eyes, the water supply must be maintained for a minimum of 15 minutes leaving both hands free.

The rules expressly provide that when workers are handling acids, caustics or other particularly harmful materials, emergency devices must be placed in the immediate vicinity of the danger.

ANSI Z358.1 prescribes that to mm. 1500 from the ground the diameter of the water cone must be at least mm.500

The eyewash fountains must have a liquid flow rate of aerated washing not less than 6 liters minute.

The water supply network must ensure an operating pressure of from 2 to 5 bar and the areas in which the emergency luminaires are installed must be properly illuminated.

The water temperature in order to allow an easy use must be between 20°C and 35°C. For this purpose a suitable water heating system must be provided.

The unattended emergency equipment must be equipped with alarm systems that allow you to determine when emergency units are activated.

It is very important to check periodically the operation of the showers and eyewash also to avoid the proliferation of bacteria in the water.

The limestone of the water causes encrustations that compromise the correct functioning of the emergency devices.

It is recommended to install suitable filters on the main supply pipe.