The company was founded in 2018 with its headquarters in Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia.

It was established with the aim of offering the market quality equipment and striving to provide quality business and technical services. That's why we set the slogan "WHEN YOU DEMAND QUALITY" 

We have remained in very good partnerships with many business partners, who are aware that only quality equipment or service is the most favorable in the long run, and we continue to cooperate. We offer only products of European origin, with high quality standards.


- Valves for mechanical and technological installations, process industry

- Safety showers and equipment
- Sanitary hygiene
- Equipment for medicine, veterinary medicine and clean rooms

- Sports and senior equipment
- Urban equipment
- Taps for public and domestic use
- Children's playground


Material: PEHD, PP-H,…
- Vertical and horizontal tanks
- Pumping stations
- Shafts
- Separators
- Scrubbers
- Water reservoirs
- Pontoons

Our thoughts are future-oriented. We plan to increase our business and storage facilities and consequently create new jobs.