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Ductile iron pipes

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  • The ductile iron pipes are manufactured according to ISO 2531(Ductile iron pipes, fittings and accessories for pressure pipelines); EN545 (Ductile iron pipes, fittings and accessories and their joints for sewerage applications); Cement mortar lining are applied according to ISO 4179 (Ductile iron pipes for presure and non-pressure pipelines Centrifugal cement mortar lining General requirements); Zinc coating are applied according to ISO 8179-1 (Ductile iron pipes-External coating-Part 1: Metallic zinc with finishing layer).

    Advantages of Ductile Iron Pipes

    - Inherent resistance of ductile iron adainst corrosionalong with improvement of this resistance via various coatings

    - Appropriate resistance againts pressures such as water hammer and external pressure like traffic loads and etc.

    -Suitable for use in loose ground with high level of subterranean water

    - Resistance against electrical currents due to use of rubber gasket at the joint points

    - Adequate resistance against damages caused by displacement and transportation

    - Flexibility and adaquate resistance against landslide,on faults and earthquake-prone region

    - Great potential for cuttuing and reaming

    - Appropriate for mountainous areas due to lack of need for especial bedding and precise considferation of soil compaction and trench depth

    - High working pressures comparing to other types of pipe

    - Low-pressure drop as a result of lower pumping cost due to larger actual inside diameters and C coefficient of the pipes

    - 100 years of lifetime

    Application Areas of Ductile Iron Pipes

    - Potable water pipelines

    - Industrial and domestic sewerage networks

    - Conveying of sea water

    - Irrigation and drainage networks

    - Water treatment plant networks

    - Firefighting systems

    - Artificial snow making machine

    a) External coatings:

     - Metallic zinc with finishing layer, in accordance with ISO 8179-1;

     - Zinc rich paint with finishing layer, in accordance with ISO 8179-2;

     - Epoxy coating, in accordance with EN 14901;

     - Polyethylene sleeve, in accordance with ISO 8180;

     - Alloy of zinc and aluminum with or without other metals, having a minimum mass of  400 g/m2, with finising layer;

     - Extruded polyethylene coating in accordance with EN 14628;

     - Polyurethane coating in accordance with EN 15189;

     - Cement mortar coating in accordance with EN 15542;

     - Adhesive tape;

    b) Internal coating (linings):

     - Portland/Blast furnace slag/sluphate/high aluminum cement mortar, in accordance with ISO 4179;

     - Cement mortar lining with seal coat, in accordance with ISO 16132;

     - Epoxy coating, in accordance with EN 14901;

     - Polyurethane lining in accordance eith EN 15655;

    c) Coating of the joint area:

     - Epoxy coating;

     - Polyurethane coating

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